Land-based Generator Hire

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Whether you need temporary, back-up or continuous power, we can provide the best solution for all of your power requirements. We have a range of robust, easy to use diesel generators that are acoustically rated for a range of applications from small businesses, hospitals and cowsheds to large construction sites and freight trains.

All of our generators are built to world-class (EU) standards for fuel efficiency and optimum performance.

Customised Generator Solutions

Each set consists of an electronically managed engine and alternator, ranging in size from 4 kVA to 1200kVA. A range of control options is also available from classic key start to remote start, auto synchronising, automatic mains failure, load sharing and peak lopping, along with enhanced electronic surveillance and remote telemetry options.

Built for durability and reliability, our machines are equipped with some of the most respected brands of alternators including MeccAlte, Marelli, Stamford, Newage and Leroy Somer. We also use a range of well-respected generator controllers, such as DeepSea, CoMap and Woodward.

Regardless of the location, our experienced technicians will customise your installation to suit your requirements.



We have a wide selection of reticulation equipment available for hire, including quick connect cables, distribution and earth leakage systems, plus a large inventory of temporary switchboards, cables and leads. See Auxiliary Equipment Hire for further details.


Fuel Options

With over 60 years’ of generator power experience behind us, Webster Group excels at designing and installing fuel systems and bulk fuel tanks that meet ERMA HASNO regulations.

Each genset has an integral fuel tank, with most tanks providing a minimum of 8 hours runtime. Additional trailerised fuel tanks and on-site refuelling options are available.



Our generator sets are easily transported. All units are configured to be handled by road and rail transport operators, so rapid nationwide delivery means we can provide a speedy solution to all your power requirements.