Auxiliary Equipment Hire

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Distribution Equipment & Accessories

We have a wide range of reticulation and distribution equipment available for hire, alongside our generators.

  • Cable: 16mm2 to 600mm2 ranging in length from 3m to 35m, custom made to spec
  • 125A CEE extension leads
  • 125A CEE socket with tails and circuit
  • 63A CEE extension leads
  • 32A PDL extension leads
  • 32A CEE extension leads
  • 12-way multi-variety socket outlet distribution boards
  • 5-way single phase ELCB construction site distribution boards
  • 12-way 32A CEE socket stainless steel marine distribution boards
  • Cable rollers
  • AC-DC rectifiers
  • Cable mats and ramps
  • Temporary switchboards and reticulation gear
  • Multi-outlet ‘daisy chain’ style show and event distribution boxes

Fuel Tanks

Webster Group specialises in designing and installing fuel systems and bulk fuel tanks. We can custom make a fuel tank to suit your needs. (expand)

We have a fleet of portable ISO tanktainers for hire ranging from 1000 litres to 24,000 litres.

Many of our skid tanks and trailer tanks are equipped with petrol-driven or solar storage fuel pumps and filler hoses. Most sSkid tanks are double skinned and all tanks can be supplied with hoses and couplings.

transformers for hire


We have transformers to suit all voltages and frequencies, in both oil cooled and air cooled enclosures, ranging in size from 1 kVA to 750 kVA. (expand)

Transformers are used to either increase or decrease voltage flowing available to a circuit. They are ideal for supplying full isolation as an alternative where earth leakage circuit breaker tripping is a problem, or neutral connections in situations where only 3 phases are available. For example, shore power for foreign vessels visiting New Zealand ports. Used in conjunction with a portable generator, most voltages and at frequencies ranging from 48Hz to 63Hz, can be supplied.

Our 3 phase transformers range in weight between 300 kg and 1500 kg, so we can arrange delivery throughout New Zealand and the wider Pacific with a team of skilled electricians available to assist with installation.


Light Towers

Webster Group is the sole distributor for Gesan Atlas Copco in New Zealand.

Made to stringent European standards, the Gesan Atlas Copco range of light towers are highly efficient and provide long-lasting, optimum illumination.

Lightweight and easy to handle, they are easy to manoeuvre and install, making them ideal for construction sites, events, emergency response scences etc.

Light towers are available for hire or purchase.