Providing a home generator solution

Providing a home generator solution 2018-04-05T04:19:56+00:00

Project Description

Webster Group was asked to provide a solution to a possible mains or total power failure for a new house build.

The upmarket house was located in a rural area, and boasted a high level security system and electronic gates, sensor lighting and alarms, a comprehensive IT system, as well as a large home entertainment system, air conditioning throughout and a self-contained wastewater and sewage system.

The need for ensuring ongoing, uninterrupted power meant that an alternative power supply or a standby generator was essential.

After a thorough investigation of the site, The Webster Group recommended an Atlas Copco Gesan 25kVA standby generator.

Standby generators provide an unwavering solution to extended power outages, making them the ideal choice in the case of a home build of this magnitude. Unlike most lightweight ‘handyman quality’ portable gensets, our units are galvanised and 2-pot painted to order, making them aesthetically pleasing. Installed on a concrete pad outside the house, they are able to provide continuous backup for days using an extended fuel tank.

Powered by its’ own fuel system, this generator was connected directly into the home’s electrical panel and able to send alarms and status updates via text message directly to the home owner.

The addition of an ATS unit (automatic transfer switch) meant that, should an interruption in power supply occur, the mains supply circuit breaker opens, while the generator circuit breaker closes, thus automatically supplying the home with power from the generator.

When the mains power resumes and remains stable for a timed period, the generator circuit breaker opens, and the mains supply circuit breaker closes, restoring mains power to the site. This meant that the generator starts and stops automatically, ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted power supply to the home irrespective of anyone being in residence.

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