Powering an island

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Project Description

Located about 30 kilometres off the south coast of the South Island, is Stewart Island.

Home to a population of just over 400 residents, the community on Stewart Island are solely reliant on power provided by 5 diesel generators.

Power is distributed around the island via 30 kilometres of overhead lines, 10 kilometres of underground cables and 35 distribution transformers.

Due to high capital and operational costs, supplying a power cable from Bluff on the South Island to Stewart Island is simply not a viable option.

When contacted by Power Services Limited, one of the companies responsible for generating and distributing electricity on Stewart Island, The Webster Group sprang into action to provide a solution to the power crisis.

Traditionally power was supplied by 5 Caterpillar gensets. But due to escalating fuel costs and the increasing need for efficiency, finding a replacement generator was crucial to maintaining a cost effective power supply on the island.

After a thorough analysis, the Webster Group advocated a Scania DC13 generator package. Comprising a robust design and strength optimised cylinder block, the Scania DC13 genset features the Scania developed engine management system, ensuring control of all aspects related to engine performance.

With the cost of electricity on Stewart Island directly related to the cost of diesel, the need for a fuel efficient generator is vital; the Scania DC13 guarantees low exhaust emissions, good fuel economy and a high torque, making it the optimum choice.


The genset was transported to Invercargill by truck where it was boarded onto the Stewart Island ferry, and then offloaded and installed on Stewart Island to replace a Caterpillar 3406 generator. After being interfaced into the existing Woodward control system, which enables it to operate automatically with the existing generators on site, the new generator was fired into action.

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