Industrial QIS 45 Generator

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Project Description

The Gesan Atlas Copco QIS range of industrial generators are designed for optimal performance in demanding conditions, both as standby and prime power supplies.

Designed for simple installation and exceptional reliability, these versatile, low-noise generators are suitable for all applications including data centres, healthcare facilities, manufacturing and retail. These sound attenuated generators are also silent enough to be used in residential areas.

Standard features of the QIS range include:

  • AMF and remote start digital controller
  • Integrated lifting structure with a single elevation point
  • Emergency stop
  • Battery charger
  • Accessibility through large access doors and panels for ease of servicing, direct radiator cleaning, and direct access to alternator
  • Easy to install with plug and play cable connection
  • High cooling performance radiator
  • Decreased service downtime due to heavy duty fuel filtration system.

Our experienced generator technicians can advise you on the optimum model for your requirements.

QIS 45 Specifications

  • Rated frequency 50 Hz
  • Rated voltage 400/230 V
  • Prime power (PRP) 42 kVA
  • Standby power (ESP) 46 kVA
  • Prime power (RPR) 34 kW
  • Standby power (ESP) 37 kW

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